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Road Occupancy Licence

A Road Occupancy Licence, (ROL) can also be known as a Road Occupancy Permit, Road Access Permit along with many other similar names.

The primary purpose of a Road Occupancy Licence is for the road owner or manager to give access approval for a third party to perform work on or close to their road network. The ROL will typically outline the type of work to be performed, the time the work will take place and what arrangements the applicant will put in place to manage the safe movement of traffic through or around the associated works.

An ROL is typically required by a government agency (Local, State or Federal) and in some cases a private entity who owns or manages a road.

Some examples where an ROL is required could include:

- Road works or Road construction

- Building construction which requires the closure of a footpath or a traffic lane/s

- A request for a temporary construction zone next to or close to a new development

- Closure of a road for filming

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