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Enter the travel time, layover time, service frequency and we will estimate the number of vehicles required

Ever wanted to quickly understand how many vehicles you would need to operate a service without the need to complete a scheduling exercise. We have the tool for you.


With three simple inputs, we will estimate the number of vehicles required to deliver the intended service. Our Peak Vehicle Estimator will calculate the number of vehicles you require based on the following user inputs:


·       Service Duration (mins),

·       Recovery/layover duration (mins), and

·       Service Frequency (mins).


The estimator assumes a two way operation to determine the vehicles required. If you are interlining the service with another route, the total number of vehicles required may differ based on a number of factors. Refer to our Timetable Creator and Vehicle Block Creator for more information on scheduling vehicles and calculating peak buses when interlining is required.


We will also provide you with a sensitivity analysis based on varying Service Durations. The estimator automatically provides you with will the number of vehicles required if the Service Duration is increased by 10%, 20% and 40%. This helps you understand the implications and sensitivity of increased travel times.


Don’t waste hours creating a timetable and vehicle shifts to work out how many vehicles you need when it’s not necessary. This tool is essential for:


·      Transport Planners,

·      Bus Schedulers,

·      Train Planners,

·      Transport Consultants, and

·      Fixed route Freight Operators


You can save and share your results with clients and colleagues easily while maintaining an appropriate record for future reference.



This tool is available under our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. Refer to our Pricing page for more information.

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