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Create Vehicle Shifts quickly and easily. Includes a comprehensive breakdown of distance, hours, peak buses and costs

Linking trips together, creating vehicle blocks or shift, is a complex and time-consuming task. Creating Vehicle Shifts is an important step in creating a Transport schedule. Due to the various options and variables, achieving an efficient solution can be very time consuming, especially if you are completing the task manually.


Our Vehicle Block Creator tool will turn your timetables into Vehicle Shifts quickly and easily. Our algorithms and logic will identify interlining options and when to break a block and send the vehicle back to the depot.


Our tool will also provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of the hours and kilometres required to operate the schedule. This breakdown includes the following:



     P    In Service

     P    Dead Running

     P    Layover

     P    Pull In

     P    Pull Out



P    In Service

P    Dead/Special Running

P    Pull Out

P    Pull In


A comprehensive costing is also available which is ideal for tenders and testing cost changes when a timetable is altered. Out tool also provides information on the number of Peak Vehicles required. A chart showing the number of vehicles by time is also available.


Peak Vehicle Chart example:

The tool captures and uses Depot Pulls and Dead Running variables (kilometres and time) information entered by the user to generate the solution. Perform “what ifs” quickly and compare the results. This will help you optimise the timetable to make sure your schedule is satisfactory.


It is important to remember, a bad or inefficient timetable cannot be turned into an efficient vehicle block solution. The key to creating efficient and cost-effective schedules starts with a great timetable.


For more information on transport scheduling, please refer to the Resources section of our site.


This tool is available under our Platinum package. Refer to our Pricing page for more information.



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