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Bus Stop Design & Sketch

Create a sketch of a bus stop including draw in & out and see how many buses it can accommodate

Our unique Bus Stop Design and Sketch tool allows you to enter various stop measurements and our tool will display these on your screen for you to review instantly.  The inputs include:

P    The total available kerb space in metres (includes draw in & out),

·      P    The size of the buses,

·       P    Draw in space,

·       P    Draw out space, and

·       P    Distance between buses on the stop.


As you enter each of the parameters, the tool will draw, on screen, the bus stop. When all parameters have been entered, the tool will calculate how many buses can be accommodated at the stop at any one time. These buses are also shown visually on your screen as light blue rectangles. Below is an example:

In the above example two (2) buses are able to use the stop and any one time.


This tool allows you to alter the various inputs on screen within seconds. Create the desired bus stop or stops, save and share them with colleagues easily. The best thing is we will keep a record of what and when you shared it. Keep all your bus stop designs and changes in a single location for easy reference.


Also see our Bus Stop Capacity Check Tool to see if the stop is of sufficient length to efficiently handle the number of services using the stop as a setup or pick up location.


Bus Stop Capacity Tool Link - https://transporttoolkit.com/tools/bus_stop_check


Need to explain how you would like a bus stop setup, simply create it using this tool and send it to the right person for implementation. Don’t leave any doubt about what is required as our design tool provides you with a distance key across the kerb.


This tool is available under our Silver, Gold and Platinum packages. Refer to our Pricing page for more information.

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