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Calculate and convert service frequency to trips per hour and vice versa

Our Service Frequency Calculator is provided free to our all customers.
The frequency of a service is a term often used in the transport industry. It is a term that is also regularly confused with the number of services in an hour. For example: a 6 minute frequency means 10 services an hour while 6 services and hour means a 10 minute frequency.
This tool will help you calculate:

    P    Trips per hour (Service Frequency To Trips Per Hour)
    P    Service Frequency (Trips Per Hour To Service)


Determining the service frequency for a transport operation is a key component of the planning process. There are various approaches to determining the appropriate level of frequency, these include:


Policy – some jurisdictions have policy positions that establish a minimum level of service frequency, these are often referred to as Minimum Service Levels (MSL’s).
Loading Analysis – this approach identifies the actual or expected number of passengers per hour or half that will use the service. Based on patronage, a calculation using an average number of passengers per bus can be used to derive the number of services within that time period.

Frequencies – are often referred to as headway's, meaning the time between services. In some jurisdiction’s headway is measured to understand contractual compliance. This is an alternate approach to measuring on time running from a point or points (Start, mid and or end).


The term “Turn Up and Go” is becoming more and more used to describe services. It’s a customer term used to inform the customer that no timetable is required, simply turn up and the next service will arrive within a short period of time. Essentially, turn up and go services will have a maximum wait time expectation. For example, no greater than 10 minutes.

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