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Role of a Traffic Planner

The role of a Traffic Planner can involve many different and varied activities, but the primary purpose of a Traffic Planner is to ensure that roads and the associated infrastructure are designed, constructed and maintained to relevant safety requirements, standards and they function in an efficient manner. Traffic Planners can also be known as a Transport Planner or a Traffic Engineer to name a couple.

Some of the tasks performed by a Traffic Planner could include:

- Development Application Traffic and Transport studies,

- Traffic modelling including traffic counts,

- Road designs, considering the safety requirements,

- Traffic accident reviews and investigations,

- Design road signage and pavement marking plans,

- Develop strategies or solutions that consider impacts on network congestion,

- Balances the needs of all road users such as: o Pedestrians, o Cyclists, o Public Transport, o Freight, o Other motor vehicles (Cars, bikes etc..)

- Act as an expert witness in disputes or inquiries,

- Prepared Road Safety Assessments.

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